Friday, March 23, 2007

Update, Bathroom Work Situation

Third trip to the bathroom third time seeing that guy there. No interaction at all this time. He looks like a cross between Mike White (Chuck and Buck, School of Rock) and Joe Flaherty(SCTV, Freaks and Geeks), only fatter. He's quite creepy.

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Times New Viking, A Band That Makes Me Want To Eat Bic Lighters

In a Good Way? In a GREAT WAY!

One might be lead to believe Pitchfork also likes them. But why then, I ask, why would Modest Mouse's latest snooze fest (with a 7.8) rating crack the recommended release pile, while the superb Present the Paisley Reich with an 8.2 be left to flounder as the third review of the day? Why?

This band is amazing. They also have intellectual currency as they get to reignite the ol' lo-fi as asthetic choice debate. (Any band on the same label as Cat Power can probably afford to have their albums mastered.) What else do they have? How about another album (their debut) that is called Dig Yourself? How bout super cool indie hotties for us all to gawk at? (2 guys and a gal to satisfy both gender preferences.) They have a Guided By Voices pedegree, comming from Ohio and releasing the two aformentioned albums on Siltbreeze Records and making the leap to Matador. On top of all that they have my favorite band name in foreva'.They are sure to be hot shit if you travel in circles that imbibe illegal substances and don't mind a bit of hiss in their music.

So why do I wish to eat cheap lighters when I hear this band? I don't know. I guess it's sort of a turn of phraze(?).

Times New Viking on MySpace Page.

They also have an official site.

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"Did You Fall In?"

I went to the bathroom at around 11AM this morning. This is hardly surprising as I drink quite a bit of coffee. On my way out The door was pretty much opened in my face, brief cordial apology from my coworker whom I've never spoken to, nore do I really work "with."

Several hours and at lest two more cups of coffee drift by. I walk to the rest room again around 1:45PM. As I reach to open the door the same coworker (whom I don't really work "with") once again nearly bloodies my face with the bathroom door. This time there is a look of fear and embarassment on his face, no apology.

There is no real conclusion to all this. I think this man may have been in the bathroom for 2 and a half hours though.

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"You Can Dance If You Want To..."

Tonight should be fun.

At Martini. Around 10:30ish PM til late. Me DJing dancey stuff, indie stuff, rap music about dealing drugs and getting shot, strange left field poppie stuff in the newly spacious and luxurious back room. Beers on the newly installed tap; Newcastle and Magic Hat. Paragraph playing live. No cover. Come down.

Your mom is...

(o snap!)

Martini Red 372 Van Duzer (corner of Beach) SI, NY.

Still not convinced none Islanders...
The Staten Island Ferry is free, they have 16 oz. beers to keep you company for a meger $2.75; the trip takes about 25 minutes and boats come every half hour, until 12:30*. To get to Martini Red you take the 78 Bus from the Ferry to the corner of Beach and Van Duzer. It's very convenient ya know.

*(When they leave Staten Island every hour on the hour and they leave Manhattan every hour on the half hour.)

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An Open Letter

Dear 7-11 Research and Development,

I'm not sure if you guys consider yourselves chefs or chemists but I honestly think you do good work. Some of the finest dinge dinning can be found rotating in your plastic cases. Congratulate yourselves.

Now my complaint: What's with your eggs. Generaly this would not be an issue as I have a good egg sandwhich guy by work and would rather support the little guy. (No offense.) But today I was running late (the result of shower glut in my home) and while I had my heart set on an egg and cheese sandwich (no meat on Fridays during Lent people) I simply did not have the time. Perfect solution; a handy precooked lightbulb preserved egg and cheese biscuit from my early morning coffee dealer.

Upon entering my office and entering the contents of that 7-11 wrapper in my gullet I was appalled shocked even at the overwhelming awfulness. Not the "this is terrible for me in everyway and yet it still tastes like scientific progress" kind of way. No this was the this tastes like cheese on wet packing foam kind of taste. This was a new bench mark in bad.

McDonald's... nay, Burger King has better eggs. I now it hurts guys, but this is tough love. You have to do something about this. You can not expect people to eat this!

I hope my letter has not upset you too much. I really appreciate what your company has done (look back at past posts, they will prove it), I just expect more. Maybe that's my problem. I just hope you'll consider what I've said. Keep me posted on your progress.

Kind regaurds,
A Fan

"By the time you've finished breakfast this morning you'll have relied on half the world." -Martin Luther King Jr.

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