Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Musicians for Obama?

Hey, I'm trying to get some bands together for a concert in support of Barak Obama. The only money would be donation only and it would only cover the cost of the show or possibly go into the Staten Islanders for Obama group I'm involved with. We are trying to get permission to use one of Staten Island's many parks however if that doesn't happen we will surely find an accomodating venue.

Mostly we want this to be a rally and a good place where we can try and get more people politically active. If you're interested in getting involved please email me at: timduffyster@gmail.com

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All Tomorrow's Parties Please Come To New York

We here in New York are spoiled aren't we? Every band worth there salt blows through on their tours, often twice (often half a dozen times). Through out the summer there is a world of free music to explore at least three days a week. What more could New York want from the concert presenting world?

How about a big festival. A few years ago it seemed this would happen with the arrival of Field Day. Well several bumps in the road and a soggy day at Giant Stadium later and it was clear we would not soon have Field Day. Soon after it seemed that Lollapalooza might make a stand here with headlining slots by Morrisey and the Pixies, can't beat that in New York. Ooops, cancelled because the rest of the country was uninterested in the tour. As a result the fest lives in Chicago a city with about 3 major festivals a summer.

The one that sadens me most though happened around the same time as the above mentioned. There was at some point to be a Stephen Malkmus curated All Tomorrow's Parties in New York. I remember reading the news and being so excited at the prosepct of Swell Maps reunions or CCR cover bands that Malkmus would surely guarantee. I don't really recall why this couldn't happen and to be honest I'm not interested. New York deserves and should demand our own All Tomorrow's Parties. After all what city has done more to define the asthetic of ATP than New York? Why shouldn't we have one?!

I propose that we all write to ATP on their MySpace and demand a New York Festival!

Possible Curators:
Stephen Malkmus
Yo La Tengo
David Cross
Les Savy Fav
John Cale
Tom Waits
Legs McNeil
Yamataka Eye
Tom Scharpling

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