Monday, July 11, 2005

Saddam Hussein & Christiane Amanpour sitting in a tree!

Seriously, before he was an imprisoned underwear model the two had sexual intercourse.


I officially endorse sandals today. This was a move I have carefully considered over the past few months and I decided to take this plunge over the weekend. I now publicly acknowledge my support of sandals. The sandals that currently reside on my feet were purchased at Old Navy with a gift certificate I recieved for my college graduation. I wore them for the entirety of my Village Shoppe work day yesterday and am currently wearing them for my Jest work day. It's important that you know my feet are a complete mess of blisters and dead skin, however this fact is not accentuated or even particularly visable in my new sandals. The draw back of course is that I still have Hobbit feet, but what can you do.

In another development, a new 7-11 has opened up on 23rd and motherfuckers packed that shit all sardine-like and what have you! S'up wit dat?! Like They've never seen a 7-11 before. I think primarilly I'm sticking with the Deli on 24th and Park. They redeam Coke bottle caps where you win freebies unlike most stores. Also a sausage, egg and cheese sandwhich on a bagel is only $2 before 11 and that's a crazy ass price.

I'm psyched about going to Chicago in just three more days! Intonation Festival! Hotel Room!