Thursday, June 08, 2006

Eugene Mirman Brings Anti-Eugene Mirman Message To The Whitehouse

A few weeks ago I rounded up a few friends to protest Eugene Mirman upon the release of his Sub-Pop comedy album En Garde, Society!

"But Tim," you the confused blog reader are asking "Don't you love Eugene Mirman and his hillarity?"

Well, of course dear reader. However this protest was being organized by Eugene himself. As you may know when Eugene says "Jump" I say "How high?"

Eugene recently brought his anti-Eugene crusade to the Whitehouse. He made a video of the event. You can link to the video and catch up on Eugene's blogs HERE!

Also En Garde, Society! is in stores now and it's hilarious!

Dead Rabbit Bassist and Noted Terrorist Steve Goffin Found Dead In Iraq

Dead Rabbit Bassist Steve Goffin found dead in Iraq.

Steve in better times.

Take some time to pay your respects and listen to the finest band Staten Island has ever had to offer Dead Rabbit here

No word on weather Dead Rabbit will carry on without Steve.

Belle and Sebastian Are Better Than The Smiths

Some might ask: "Why start such a crazy debate?"

Well that's what rock nerds do sir or maddam. Here are my first few points to explain why Belle beats The Smiths.

-Numbers Don't Lie: Belle and Sebastian have 5 studio albums that fall somewhere between good and classic. The Smiths have 3, though some might argue the merits of Meat is Murder it is widly accepted to be an artistic short fall for such a significant band.

- Stuart Murdoch has been able to hold Belle And Sebastian together through several lineup changes. Sadly Morrisey was unable to keep an on par Smiths without the able guitar work and songwriting assistance of Jonny Marr.

-The Overwhelming quality of Belle and Sebastian's B-Sides and EPs is rarely called into question. It is widly accepted that Belle and Sebastian have one of the most valuably rareties catologues around. The Smiths lack greatly in the area of quality vault material.

-It is important to have a singular sound. However it is also valuable to be able to adjust your singular sound to other influences. This is something that The Smiths never even seemed to try , while Belle and Sebastian have spent the new decade refurbishing and reanimating their sound.

- While some mid period Belle and Sebastian albums (Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant in particular) have been just plain shitty Belle and Sebastian have been able to achieve the rare feet of having a second act with their last two albums. This is something that Morrisey's solo albums have rarely even hinted at.

- Popularity does not denote quality, please put these arguments to rest. Of course the Smiths are going to have more support in a broad debate but that lacks the objectivity of people who've been equally exposed to both bands.

I have more of an arguement but we'll leave it at this...

For now.

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Roxy Music "Gray Lagoons"

I've never payed Roxy Music much mind. I love Brian Eno though. I would place him at number three on my list of favorite solo artists ever.* However with an impending reunion, the better part of a chapter in the post punk book Rip It Up and Start Again, I thought It was time for me to experience some Roxy Music. Luckily, I was able to obtain 5 Roxy albums from The Man From Chester last night.

This was the first song to break through my late night haze and short attention span. Mostly because it sounds a bit like a space aged Gospel song.

Download, Listen, Discuss.

*Favorite Solo Artists Ever:
1) Jay-Z
2) Beck
3) Brian Eno
4) Tom Waits
5) Cat Power