Friday, September 23, 2005

Tonight! Emergency DJ Situation

So me and Russell are responding to an emergency DJ situation tonight at Martini. they had no DJ and people need to have their asses rocked. Tonight 10ish be there! If you don't feel me you're not real to me!

Jack Abramoff Hearts Karl Rove

With all the hurricanes and devastation and the President pretending to care about poor people, and the new fall TV season and all stories can fall through the cracks. In the interest of repeating an important-ish story likley to fall through the cracks one more time I've posted a link to a CNN article (click the title!). Remember before Supreme Court justices were being appointed and dropping dead, before Kanye West released the second best rap album of the decade and declared "George Bush doesn't care about black people," before the new season of Arrested Developement began, shit all the way back before the '40 Year Old Virgin' came out,' the administration was on the defensive. No not because they hate black people, stay with me people. Because Karl Rove is a leaker. Now you remember! Well he also is reat at dealing with the lowest types of folks around amongst them, Jack Abrmoff. Read the link and tell people about how sleazy the federal government is.

PS: Bush is going to Texas to pre-respond to Rita. It's funny since he was in Texas during much of Katrina as well.