Thursday, September 01, 2005

So Long CBGB!

I've been conflicted about the possible end of CBGB, one of the most historic and mismanaged venues in Rock and Roll history. Thing is as culturaly significant as CB's is it hasn't had any real relavance in years. Also, does punk rock need a museum. That's not very Punk Rock is it? That said to know that it is really over is still sadening. I leave you with my favorite picture ever taken at CBGB's.

For Those About To Rock!

One and all are invited and implored to come down and spend some time Maxin' and Relaxin' at Martini Red this Saturday (372 Van Duzer Staten Island). DJ Russell "Complicated" Berry and I (Tim Duffy, the Nobel Prize Nominated DJ) will be playing a wide swath of party jams for all the kids to strut and bob there heads and even dance to (what are you against dancing?!). It's likely either your first week of school or your last week of summer vacation so really, you guys need this! It's party time! Any musical selections we should try and get? Let us now here!