Monday, November 21, 2005

Fiery Furnaces How I Love Thee

I've spent the weekend pouring over Blueberry Boat. If the Fiery Furnaces were a single female I would be more than a little smitten. I would be full blown obsessed. I would write letters and stand in front of your house with a boombox over my head. I would follow you to school. I would ignore restraining orders. Here is a smattering of reasons why.

-They've mad an album with Grandma and people hate it. It may be the first time that releasing an album that is resoundingly seen as a failure has made a band seem more awsome(even amongst those that hate it). It is what Chuck Klosterman would call a very "advanced" album.

-Blueberry Boat get's better ever time I isten to it. not like Blood On The Tracks or Ok Computer get better every time you listen to them. More like doing mushrooms gets better everytime you do them.*

-Furnaces' live shows are astoundingly uncomfortable and the audience is nerdier than that of a They Might Be Giants show (believe me I've compared), and yet I'm pretty sure I intend on seeing them again. Several Times!

-EP is my 10th favorite album of this year. It is a 45 minute long "EP." That is really rediculous.

-Best indie rock band of this decade.

*I do not know weather or not mushrooms get better every time you take them.