Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Don Draper Guide To Being A Man

I have fallen in love with Mad Men, catching up on season 1 on DVD in advance of the season premiere this Sunday. This is what I've learned from our hero Don Draper, the manliest man on TV.

1) Smoke, often and without discression as to where you are or what activity is occuring. Go to church, just to smoke.

2) Drink at work, after work, all day. Whiskey was made to be imbibed with a home cooked meal. Enjoy!

3) Neglect your children. They will thank you for it one day by becoming famous or having kids at a young age.

4) Cheat. Your penis didn't agree to get married and no one is cooking for it.

5) Working looks easy but not fun. See image.

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George W. Bush, Economics Expert

"Wall Street got drunk," the president said, "and now it's got a hangover."

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