Thursday, March 08, 2007

Staten Islanders for Obama

I'm a huge Obama fan. I'm really an Obama-maniac. Mostly I not only think Barak is the best candidate out there now, I think he's the best candidate we could muster. (Possible exception: Al Gore.) I also think that he's the best suited to win in a general election. Not inspite of his race, name, lack of government experience, but precisely for all of these things. I believe he has all of the qualities we need to shore up something close to a sizeable lead in the mid-western states and I think that the mid-west is the future of the country. Anyway I write all of this with purpose.

I'm attempting to recruit people for Staten Islanders for Obama. Tonight me and fellow Staten Islander for Obama-ite Terrence O'Brien will be going to a wider full five burroughes Obama meeting, but we want to begin building a group in S.I. If you have any interest in this please email me: Hope to hear from some of you soon.