Friday, December 02, 2005

Number 33: Wolf Parade

There was a time when being the 4th most relevant band in Canada meant you opened for Bare Naked Ladies. Those days are over and if there's any band who wear the titles of coat tail riders it might be Wolf Parade accept that these guys are actually amazing.

A double threat songwriting team that spins yarns as ragedy and noisely as all of our favorite indie-rock heroes. Perhaps the most striking thing about Wolf Parade though, is how much people were already fighting the Wolf Parade backlash before it even happend (has it really happened at all?). It seems that all hype is not created equal.

Number 34: Common

Why does Common think he's better than everybody else? Is it cause while we were yelling "skeet skeet" He was putting together a heroicly high minded and strikingly commercial album? Well yea. See the thing is Common thinks he's better because he is better. He's smarter than you and more smooth talking. He's got a better sense of style and he knows Kanye West. Nuff Said.