Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Greatest Television Show Idea Ever!

Turns out the greatest Television show ever might be on without anyone I know having any knowledge of it. Court TV has made a program out of the always entertaining The Smoking Gun website. In this show puppets renact the greatest hits of the Website!!! I know it is AWESOME!!!!! The show is on Tuesdays at 11pm which means we may have to tape it (old school, no tivo or dvr for me) to avoid Daily Show conflicts.

Isn't Mad for Kids as is?

So apparently Mad is making a kids version. Meaning that regular Mad is going to skew older. Right off the bat several red flags are going off in my head. First why the hell didn't Mad just buy Jest magazine?!

More significant however is the question of weather kids are getting enough smarmy-ness. Are they watching Bugs Bunny cartoons in there undoctored form? I don't think so? Do they have a program comprable to Pee Wee's Playhouse, where authority is laughed at and conventions are all broken? I think not. Kids are pansies and I blame pop culture. Kids should read regular ass Mad, watch The Simpsons, etc. it's important kids get snarky. If they get too far with it they get smacked! That's it. It's nature's way.

It's Here and It's Wonderful: Kanye West's Late Registration

So, the Kanye West album is here and it's absolutely worth the hype. Is it the best album of the year? Not sure but it seems likely. Halfway through it now and my expectations have been handily been met surpased and re-met.