Thursday, July 19, 2007

What's Wrong With Today's Emmy Nominations?

As it turns out there is not much wrong with today's Emmy nominations. Who would have thunk it. Not me. I figured I'd have dozens of points of contention, as is I feel pretty great. For one Ricky Gervais is now officially an Emmy nominee, something he never got for his Office. 30 Rock got that Emmy boost that was oh so helpful to the "continued success" of Arrested Development. (Sigh.)

What I will hem and haw about is: 30 Rock's Kennith(Jack McBrayer) was not nominated as best supporting actor. Perhaps he needs to grow on Emmy nominators, like Rainn Wilson has. The completely ignored Sarah Silverman Program is a bit of a dissapointment. Though before Emmy buzz started swirling I was certain the show was too strange for this or any award show.

My biggest problem with the nominees of course is the snubbing of the only Drama on TV worth my time(this is incredibly arbitrary as I've maybe comitted myself to 4 dramatic TV shows in my life) Dexter. No Drama nomination, no nomination for it's star Michael C. Hall. For Shame Emmys for Shame.

Hmmm, what else... Extras could certainly replace Two and a Half Men in the comedy category. I'm sick of Monk's repeatedly being nominated. (Sorry Tom Scharpling.) Would have loved to see the finest episode of the Simpsons of the year The Haw-Hawed Couple would've gotten a writing nod. (This complaint is pretty much washed away by the fact that 30 Rock, Extras, and The Office are the only shows nominated in this category.) Oooh one last sad note, Tony Bennet is nominated in the Outstanding Performer in a Comedy or Variety Program. This is a sad turn of events as I am a big supporter of last year's Colbert loss being made up for this year. However once again, Letterman, Conan, Jon Stewart, and Colbert are up against an elderly singer who will apeal to all the voters who don't like the previously mentioned 4. Tony Bennet your probably going to be on notice.

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