Friday, September 30, 2005

Great Moments in IPod Shufflery.

Sometimes the Shuffle button on your iPod can be a frustrating mate, playing the same effing track from the Dane Cook album every day in the first ten songs, or playing that band that you keep on your iPod just cuz your "trying" to get into em (Serena Maneesh, M83). But once in a wile the iPod Shuffle can just paint your morning (or afternoon, evening, late night, it was the morning today) the perfect color. Today was such a day for me. Here's the run of songs that did it.

New Order "Age of Consent"
The Boy Least Likely To "My Tiger My Heart"
Brian Eno "The Big Ship"
The Most Seren Republic "In Places, Empty Spaces"
Jay Z "Can I Get A"
Pavement "Range Life"
Rush "Free Will"

Give this playlist a try it shant dissapoint.

Frosted Flakes

Warning: Frosted Flakes are easy to over milk. We cannot emphasize enough that Kellogs Frosted Flakes are easy to over milk. They get soggy really quick. This has been A New Nuance Public Service Announcement.