Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Stuckey & Murray Have a Video About Unicorns

As always thanks to Nate from The Apiary for being all over the latest and funniest shit on the web.

Do Yourself a favor and check this out "Unicorn In C Major".

What's Up With the Cover of 'Fishscale'?

As the buzz and my own expectations suggested Ghostface went and released a classic album today. What this album lacks is a classic cover. The current cover is your standard issue Def Jam rap album cover:

But originally there was a much better cover. See:

Why the switcheroo?

3rd (4th?) Hand Arrested Development News

So my good My Space pal The Big Yellow Joint tells me (and his 3308 other friends) that Variety reports that Arrested Development co-creater Mitch Hurwitz has officially left the still in limbo television classic. Word is he'd be willing to work on the show in an advisory role. What he'd really like to do though is make a movie. If you'll remember Ron Howard's cameo in the last(as apposed to final) episode of the show winked at this idea.

Perhaps a movie is the way to go. I'm begining to think it might be better to lay this show to rest as the classic it is. Could the show really do better than it has? Would it without one of it's original creators in toe?

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Yin Yang Twins "Wait (The Whisper Song)"

No matter how much I fight it this song just makes me feel dirty. It's a good song and all, perhaps I'm too uptight. But man filthy! FILTHY!

Download, Listen, Discuss.