Friday, May 26, 2006

Todd Barry On Sesame Street

Who woulda' thunk that dry and sarcastic occasionally potty mouthed comedian Todd Barry would help teach the kids about numbers? Sesame Street did, Check it!

Al Gore Bad-Ass

New York Magazine this week has an impressive article on the likelyhood of an Al Gore 2008 campaign which get's me all kinds of hot and bothered. Als the Trailer for An Inconvenient Truth is absolutely bad-ass. You can watch it HERE!

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Mission of Burma "Donna Summeria"

Burma are still amazingly efficient and surprisingly not boring for a bunch of post punks in their 40's. This song with it's double timed tempo and winking reference to "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer, not to mention old men singing several notes above their natural register is a great example of why Mission of Burma have created the most admirable reunion template ever.

Download, Listen, Discuss.