Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm Mp3Jing This Saturday at Cargo!

So, the second Saturday of every month I play music at Cargo Cafe. Cargo is a wonderful bar and eatery that has a late night menu and an excellent clientele.

I start at 11pm and I go really late. Plus it's a five minute walk to the Staten Island Ferry!

Cargo Cafe 120 Bay St Staten Island, NY.

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Sweaty Friday Night, 8/3/07 Studio B

Friday night was a landmark evening. It was the sweatiest concert I've ever been to. This is no small feat. In 2004 I found myself jumping up and down and screaming along with ever uterance of Frank Black for the duration of a Pixies reunion show leaving me shivering in a dinner post concert. Last summer Girl Talk came to town and after dancing for hours you could turn the small of my back into a discusting slip and slide. This year alone there was the Silent Barn ventilation free mosh/dance pit for Dan Deacon, there was also the crammed and surprisingly active Deerhunter performance at Mercury Lounge(where most of the heat seemed to spill from the band's amps).

But Studio B and Friday's lineup of Dirty on Purpose, Shout Out Out, and CSS, win the day handily.

Dirty on Purpose - 78% These guys are a solid indie rock machine sitting on the noisier side of the noise pop divide. Surprisingly not harassed in a dance club setting.

Shout Out Out - 75% I'm not gonna lie I thought the Shout Out Louds were playing, I don't know how both of these bands exist in the same world. Great rythim section, excellent energy, not sure if they played a good song though.

CSS - 97% One of the best live shows on the planet, the best performance of the summer so far, it was intense and excellent.

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