Friday, July 08, 2005

What was on Christie's Marlon Brando Auction Block?

A few weeks back Christie's launched an Auction of Marlon Brando's Estate which begged the question...

What’s on Christie’s Marlon Brando Auction Block?

Marlon Brando’s odds and ends -which are to be auctioned off at Christie’s this week- are both incredibly interesting and occasionally mundane. In the mess there are a smattering of cheap gags (woopie cushions, severed fingers, etc.) as well as his driver’s license. But those are to be expected of a celebrity auction. Here are some of the more unique items in the bunch

-The already rotting corpse of Little Jimmy Nelson an extra from The Island of Dr. Moreau, who was found underneath a fold of Mr. Brando’s fat during the embalming process. Little Jimmy had been declared dead after being missing for five years. Starting Bid: $1700

-Kiss the cook aprin worn by Marlon during his famously rowdy summer cookouts. Before being unfolded to reveal it’s caption the estate assumed this to be a tarp used during the same cookouts. Starting Bid: $3000

-A box of pornographic video tapes, 50 to be exact. Nothing of much interest here except it may reveal that Brando was still able to see his penis, also he was into anal. Starting Bid: $250

-An ash tray with four clove cigarette butts believed to have been smoked by Johnny Depp as well as a pile of Mr. Brando’s Toe nail clipping. With this purchase you get a photo of the two actors as well as a hand written letter from Mr. Depp attesting to the pristine grooming of Marlon’s feet. Starting Bid: $4500

-The screen plays of Marlon Brando’s last three films still in sealed postal envelopes. Starting Bid: $5000