Monday, March 19, 2007

Winter 07 Megamixxxxxx!!!!! Volume 1: Still Crazay After All Deez Beers

It's almost the quarter year mark. Which means it's time to make some sort of list. But this time I made a mix. These are the songs of the year as of now. ("Oh but Long Blondes and Crystal Castles came out last year," you say? "Shut up," I respond.)

1)"New York I Love You" LCD Soundsystem
2)"Ocean of Noise" The Arcade Fire
3)"Double Vision" The Ponys
4)"Nag Nag Nag Nag" Art Brut
5)"Run The Numbers" El-P Featuring Aesop Rock
6)"Love & Caring" Crystal Castles
7)"Strange Lights" Deerhunter
8)"Comfy In Nautica" Panda Bear
9)"Then He Kissed Me" Asobi Seksu
10)"Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death" Jens Lekman
11)"Knife (Girl Talk Remix)" Grizzly Bear
12)"Bricks Crumble" Dalek
13)"You Could Have Both" The Long Blondes
14)"Patterns of a Diamond Ceiling" Marnie Stern
15)"All My Friends" LCD Soundsystem
16) An Habitation Of Dragons And A Court For Owls" Wold

Maybe I'll try and put the songs up so you can listen to em. Probably not, but maybe. I took Besnard Lakes off cause I forgot to put Panda Bear on. Got a problem?!

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Dope Cover Art

Cover art is dying. Well the art of cover art is dying. Anywhoo when someone drops a hot cover Like Shellac has for their come back album Excellent Italian Greyhound(good title too), I like to post it on my blog. Because everyone can appreciate a pretty picture.

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Is Julia Louise Dreyfus Hot?

I never really thought about it before but I think I may just be a little smitten with Julia Louise Dreyfus. While watching her on SNL this weekend I found myself totally endeared to her. Is this crazy? Is it some sort of strange Mrs. Robinson style crush? Am I finding myself in need of the mature touch of an older woman? Or is Julia Louise Dreyfus in fact just hot?

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Not Recommended

Thank god for the internet. With a barrage of big tent (in indie world at least) releases tomorrow I'm happy to be able to warn you agains purchases that could funnel money away from very good albums. With that in mind I will post a simple entry telling you to not buy:

Modest Mouse We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank: We all loved our Modest Mouse. Hey some of us still thought highly of them after Good News For People Who Like Bad News, but it's my theory that inspite of the tepid good will of Pitchforkmedia (which by the way I was fairly shocked about) the reception for Brock and friends is about to get a bit chilly. The album meanders and rarely rewards any sort of attentiveness. I did enjoy the song "Light Em Up," but found nothing else on the album to be any better than your average OC background music.

Ted Leo/Pharmascists Living With The Living: Not only is the title and album art abysmal but the album is barely a stop gap. No one was expecting some artistic revelation from Ted (he's been coasting since Hearts of Oak), but perhaps a song half as good as "Me and Mia" would have softened the blow of this rehash.

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