Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm Dumb and Disapointed

LCD Soundsystem does not come out tomorrow, it comes out next week. Sad.

Hollywood Is Gonna Get Pretty Cock Sure If This Keeps Up

It's always a huge story when a movie as high in quality and as short on big thrills as Little Miss Sunshine does respectable box office. However today's Times suggests the big story this year is movies Hollywood was skeptical about doing bang up business. This weekend the (sort of looks good but critics seem to hate it) epic movie 300 made $70 million dollars. No stars, no bankable characters, no critical praise. Seems the studio dodged a pricey bullet, but this seems to be the year of the sure to be failures becoming big fat paychecks. (ie: Norbit, Wild Hogs, Ghost Rider)

This would all be dandy accept that it all seems to reinforce all of the movie industry's worst atributes. Cash grabs, lowest common denomenator production choices, make or break opening weekends. My suggested remedy: everyone should see The Host next weekend en masse! Show Hollywood that we like our thrills with a brain and a heart sometimes.

Dead Rabbit Video, Destruction EP

Out of my two favorite Staten Island bands Dead Rabbit seems to be the one most likely to blow up. Mostly cause the world is sexist but also because they seem to write songs that are better than Tapes N' Tapes and less jarrinlgy artsy than Wolf Parade.

They have an EP about it but you'd never know it from them. It's very very good but (modest fellows they are) they've seemed apprehensive to push it. Annoy them into selling you a copy.

LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver, Post Hype

While the Arcade Fire (or as we should dub the populist band Ourcade Fire) was justifiably sucking up all of the blogosphere's attention James Murphy was getting set to release an album that leaked about two months earlier than Neon Bible, and that may actually be twice as good. I'm hoping that it recieves a post release boost more significant than that of other indie-inclined acts who seem to be on the cusp of tipping into the mainstream.

The album is at the moment the only thing giving Marnie Stern's art-rock master work a run for it's money and at this point it may even be winning. On Saturday I was forced to borrow my friend's copy of this album, because I couldn't imagine facing several hours of DJing without James Murphy buying me at least 20 minutes. It finds it's way into your head, so easily digestible, so instantly knowable, and yet so singularly interesting.

Get off your high horse people! "Read all the pamphlets and watch the tapes!"

I know you're tired and you've been overwhelmed by Canadians and mandolins for weeks. But listen to those drum machines crackle, listen to those squiggly synths. Come on hype machine, Got another week in you?