Tuesday, August 21, 2007

High Places Are Back In Town

For months it seemed like you couldn't swing a cat without hitting a show that High Places were playing. I saw them open for Marnie Stern, Dan Deacon, No Age, and others. At this point I am eager to see them just for them!

If you don't know them perhaps it's time to introduce yourself. High Places appear to be one of Todd P's favorite bands. They're a two piece making arty-rhythmic-ambient-pop. I could continue hyphenating which is usually a terrible thing but their sound is seamless and inventive.

The band plays Glasslands in Brooklyn tomorrow night with Eats Tapes. I'm really psyched.

I spotted Mary Pearson (the singer of High Places) rocking out a few feet away from me at the YACHT performance at McCarren the other day. The below photo appeared on Pitchfork yesterday. Which reminds me The Fork Really Loved High Places' EP!

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My Favorite Conchords Musical Numbers

Hey I hadn't been to the Apiary in way too long. I missed out on their interview with Rhys Darby about his work on (the best show on TV this summer!) Flight of the Conchords. He plays Murray, pretty much the best part of the show other than Brett and Jemain themselves.

As a result of this interview (and it's imbedded video) I decided to list my top 3 songs from the show so far.

3. "Part Time Model"

2. "Goodbye (Leggy Blonde)"

1. "If You're Into It"

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King Crimson? Thinking Out Loud

So I may or may not like King Crimson. I know that in theory I like King Crimson alot. I also know that I like Robert Fripp. I know I love bands that count them as an influence. I know that I've claimed to hate them for years. I purchased Starless and Bible Black used recently. I only listened to it once and I think I have now lost it.

I think this video is pretty amusing.

Do I like this band though?!

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