Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Deerhoof "Bungalow Bill"

The lead off track on Deerhoof's new EP (which can be downloaded here ) is a Beatles cover. Hearing such a familliar song in such an interestingly ramshackle way is remarkably endeering.

Download, Listen, Discuss.

The rest of the EP is pretty sweet too.

Art Brut @ Soundfix Records 5/22/06

Art Brut in Williamsburg you better believe we left our humble outer burrough(Staten Island) 2 hours early. Sadly we still didn't get to the show until 7:40pm. Luckily we wedged our way into the dead center of the crowd and had an amazing time.

A few months ago the crowd seemed to be more enthused but Art Brut are still just as amazing. Perhaps they're over touring this album I worried before the show. I now know that to be a fool's theory. Eddie Argos is Rock and Roll preacher, evangelicly spreading the word of democratized art. Last night he changed his rant that once told everyone to form a band into a more general get out and do something rallying cry. "Write for a fanzine that I'd want to read, Make a sitcom that I'd want to watch." I s'pose we have our mission and a very focused audience to worry about (just Eddie).

Other show highlights included Eddie singing "Formed A Band" sanz mic, Eddie climbing the bar and finally Eddie calling out a new rock rival Cat Stevens for his statement about "the first cut being the deepest." Why can't you trust Cat Stevens? Sayeth Mr. Argos "He's a fecking hippie for starters." Also they played two awsome new songs (one only a week old and titled "Nag Nag Nag") that suggest relationships will be the focus of the next Art Brut release.