Monday, April 09, 2007

Twilight Sad (Bastards)

If I was uncreative (which I am) I might say that if God Speed! You Black Emperor and the Smiths had a scotish baby it would be the Twilight Sad. (Well it would sound like the Twilight Sad, I bet it would have a better band name though.) Ernestness in indie rock can always get a bit over done. Even some of our best heart bearing indie acts can over do it(Arcade Fire I'm calling you out). Twilight Sad do often overdo it, but they overdo it with an icey cool epic rock back bone that makes Fourteen Autumns in Fifteen Winters a early contender for 2nd best sad bastard album of the year. (Safe to say Neon Bible has the top spot shored up.) Also the cover is swell.