Friday, May 05, 2006

Where The Wild Things Are Potentially The Very Best Movie Ever

How did these meetings go. Usually one has a picture of Hollywood blowhards discussing making kids movie and it sends a chill down one's spine. You expect references to Jumanji or you figure a classic children's tale could become a happy meal ready bore. But this one must have gone much differently.

Scene - Meeting to Discuss the film adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are.

Exec #1: We need a writer. Someone who appeals to kids.

Exec #2: How about the darling ofthe literatie cultural elite Dave Eggers author of the expansive, depressive, and darkly funny A Heart Breaking Work Of Staggering Genius.

Exec #1: He'd be perfect kids love invocations of dying parents, remember how well Step Mom did with 8 year olds?

Exec #2: Yes! And who to direct. It'll have to be someone able to make the most easily marketable film we can come up with.

Exec #1: How about Spike Jonze the iconoclastic filmaker who has spent years bending minds and expectations in the worlds of film, music video, and commercials. He'll surely break this story down int an easily digestable fable for the youngans.

Ok, so officially over the next two years there is no movie I'm more excited about than this one. Once Spike Jonze was supposed to make a film version of my absolute favorite children's book of all time Harold and the Purple Crayon. This is hardly settling though.

So... here's my pitch. Comission a soundtrack from Fiery Furnaces and Destroyer. Who better to capture Maurice Sendack's genius than these bands?

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Matt Sweeny and Bonnie "Prince" Billy "What Are You"

In most cases the Will Oldham renisance I've enjoyed over the first quarter of this year would be well over by now. Not having an iPod has left me to focus on certain albums and artists a bit more than usual. This song from last years Superwolf is a typical Oldham move. Questioning obscure lyrics, hard to pin down but evokative of something strangely familiar. Like most of the songs on Superwolf the song seemed initially impenetrable. I think this is likely because upon initially listening I was looking for the song's Americana inflections when I should have been hearing it's space rock rock pedigree.

Download, Listen, Discuss.