Friday, August 03, 2007

The Impending Pavement Reunion

Not if but when?

Has there ever been a band as frank and ho-hum about the idea of reuniting than Pavement. The internet is littered with the fellows in the band's admition that the idea has been discussed and will all but certainly happen at some time. Amongst the most elusive admitions is Mark Ibold's recent New York Magazine quote: “Our booking agent seems to think we’re going to be doing a reunion tour sometime in the next couple of years,” he says. “But it’s definitely not official” (Article.)

I suppose the question is what does this change about the idea of a reunion? And what does it say about Pavement? Are they just the most regular guy rock band ever? Do they have a terrible sense of how to build drama? Is that the point?

I don't know the answer to any of these questions really but I do know that the discussion has rather than make me cynical about the reunion kept me keeping a close eye on their every move. Perhaps, in that sense this is the saviest way to build buzz amongst a normally cynical fan base. Hmmm... good work fella's.

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The Late Night Talk Wars

The best line up on any late night television comedy/talk show: Clair Danes and Bob Saget. Happy 1996!!