Thursday, February 22, 2007

NBC Is Taking 30 Rock Off For SIX WHOLE WEEKS!

What a bunch of turds! Yeah I said it. It's pretty re-turded to take such a promissing and critically lauded show off just as it's begining to hit it's stride. Now I don't want to come off as unappreciative. I realize the higher ups at the bird net could've taken this show off months ago. I also must admit that NBC and I have been havign a bit of a love fest as of late. The Office is pretty much always my weekly TV highlight, SNL is funnier than it's been in forever, I've even begun considering giving Heroes another go(shoulda gotten on that before this weekend's Comicon). On top of all of this NBC is putting out the new Andy Richter sitcom Andy Barker P.I. (which could actually end up filling the 30 Rock spot). So I guess I'm not comming at you angry NBC, I'm a concerned viewer.

I know it's hard NBC but really do what's best for comedy. Isn't that what large multinational corporations are for? Isn't it?

Some of what we'll be missing after tonight...

Craig Ferguson Makes A Noble Move, Britney = Deer in Cage

He's no Conan but I have to say I'm pretty impressed with Craig Ferguson's swearing off of Britney Spears Jokes. Watch his monologue.

I watched Sunday morning as any number of average folks strolled into the Village Shoppe and vilified Miss Spears. I told as many of them as I could muster that I blamed society, and that I blamed people for caring to much about the minutia of this girls life. Some reacted positivly but most of them just spouted on about how much money she had. "If I had her money I'd be the most... blah blah." It all seemed terribly un-seemly to me. These bitter people angry, genuinely angry at this girls who's clearly having problems. And all that set them off was that she shaved her head. Her own damned head!

So kudos Craig Ferguson, maybe I'll watch you in a year when Conan moves to 11:30.

Looking To Hire Anyone?

I slightly modified my resume this morning, thought it might be helpful to post it on here. I did remove my phone number and address but if you really want them ask me, I might be iresponsible enough to hand them out to strangers. Also the columns and template that I had don't translate with copy and paste, oh well.



10/06-12/06 Telepictures, New York, NY. Assistant Field Coordinator – ‘Dr. Keith Ablow Show.’ Office administrator responsible for a steady stream of video packages attached to a nationally syndicated talk show.

• Responsible for booking crews in other states
• Managed crews in other states through steady and concise correspondence
• Assisted producers administratively
• Coordinated the arrival of tapes in a time sensitive environment
• Transcribed tapes to assist editors and producers
• Maintained schedule for “in house” field crew

5/06 – 10/06 City Lights Productions, New York, NY. Key on Set Production Assistant – 'Cover Shot.' On set assistance in the production and continued development of a prime time television program airing on TLC.

• Promoted to Key on Set Production Assistant on first production job
• Managed first team
• Filled in for Assistant Director, managing second camera operations
• Contributed manual labor to set design, grip/electric, etc.
• Worked as crowd control during outdoor shoots
• Ran a multi-member staff of Production Assistants and Interns
• Managed equipment’s arrival on location
• Responsible for keeping set secure during shooting

2/05 - 12/05 Jest Inc., New York, NY. Associate Editor – Jest Magazine and Entry-level opportunity to work in humor magazine and website ( featuring material from top comedy writers.
• Promoted from Administrative Intern to Office Administrator to Associate Editor
• Key participant in creation and implementation of comedy website
• Responsible for originating and executing promotional activities (events, mailings, etc.)
• Responsible for identifying, hiring and supervising all new interns
• Key contributor to all creative development, including articles and website pieces
• Primary liaison between advertisers and sales staff
• Responsible for originating and executing promotional activities
• Organized monthly writers’ meetings
• Made sales calls to prospective advertisers
• Provided administrative support to CEO, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief (phones, mailings, faxes, emails and filing)
• Developed spreadsheets for sales purposes

1994 - 1/06 Village Shoppe, Staten Island, NY. Manager – Retail convenience store

• Originally joined in high school as sales clerk
• Promoted to Manager
• Customer Service
• Staff development
• Responsible for inventory
2004 Chuck Schumer Campaign, New York, NY. Volunteer for Re-Election Campaign
Supported the candidate’s campaign through phone duties and distribution of promotional material.

2005 – Present DJ, Tim Duffy Productions, Staten Island, NY. DJ for events on Staten Island,
Promotes and DJs Parties, concerts and various other social events

• Self starter, organized, strong time management skills; proven ability to work with minimal or no supervision
• Excellent Communication skills; Works well as a liaison to employees and clients at any level
• Well developed Management skills; Operates well under pressure, superior multi-tasking

• Proficient in Windows and Macs as well as Microsoft Office, Quark, Final Cut Pro, Word Perfect 7.1


I am seeking a position that will allow me to contribute meaningfully to a company or organization; exercising my passion for these mediums and building upon my diverse writing, production, and managerial experience.


2005 ST. FRANCIS COLLEGE, Brooklyn, NY
Bachelors in Communication, Film & Broadcasting focus
2000 CURTIS HIGH SCHOOL, Staten Island, NY

The Besnard Lakes, Shitty Name, Remarkably Pleasant Album

"Remarkably Pleasant," probably sounds a little sarcastic. It's not though it's great. The sort of compiment I might toss around Beach House or Oh, Inverted World. Unlike those two albums though this album rattles you just enough to make it worth disecting a bit deeper. The music blurs at the edges; sometimes into noirish film score music other times into Queen like opratic-ness. Perhaps when I say pleasant I'm saying something about the mid tempo pop nature of the songs. The deliberate pacing gives the album the sheen of classiness that sneeks good albums into NPR territory. The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse, I hate saying I like an album with a title like that.

Anywhoo, I feel good about this album. I predict a commendable level of replay-ability. Seriously I like this album and for some reason I feel like I keep comming off as sarcastic. Seriously.

The Besnard Lakes