Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Canadians <3 Eggs

Canadians those folks who brought us The Arcade Fire and Degrassi (And We're the Cultural Imperialists?!) have started putting ads on there subway floors. The Canadian Egg Advisory Board has apparently made adds to try and "let people know they can eat eggs everyday."

"What A great Idea!" exclaimed Tubby McLardass.

Ads on subway floors should be a great idea, but in New York they would just get peed on. Perhaps ads for urinal cakes? They also have a fun mascot (The Egg people not the Urinal Cake people).

SHAC Are Funny Ladies

This is pretty funny. It's the girls from Stella's sketch group. Compliments to The Apiary good looking out Nate.

Lockhead Martin To Facilitate Phone Use In The Subway

So the MTA having been found to be spend thrifts with the $1 billion alocated for security on the subways has discovered how to spend money super quick. Lockhead Martin will be helping to renivate the subways, adding surveilance equipment and making cell phones usable. This should facilitate all kinds of fun calls like the infamous one I got a few weeks ago. Also it'll be a nice time for Budweiser to bring back those "Wassuuup!?" ads cuz it'll be hilarious to have people yelling in your ear on the Subway. Am I right people?!