Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Allegations Too Horific To Ignore...

In light of some information that has come to the fore front my campaign has had no choice but to make an ad. Not an attack ad mind you, simply an ad to point out in no uncertain terms what kind of a man and by proxy what kind of a mayor Steve Goffin will be. I must warn you this is a bit graphic.

Please vote for me on October 31st. For the children.

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Same Old Tricks

Hello Staten Islanders,

I was hoping my first message to you as a candidate for mayor of the North Shore of Staten Island could be a positive one. A message about strengthening our community, about making things better. It would seem my rivals over at the Goffin campaign would much rather throw mud on my sterling reputation. That's fine I suppose I think Staten Islanders want a more high minded campaign. I believe Staten Islanders would rather be lifted up than dragged down to the doldrums of political attacks.

I am running for mayor because I love my community. Sure I love a lot of albums Pitchforkmedia supports, can Steve Goffin honestly say he doesn't. Does he not find himself listening to Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot which received a perfect 10.0 on Pitchfork? I suppose Steve Goffin doesn't know either way because he has decided it is better to limit the amount of information he has.

The other charge is that I love MySpace. Well ladies and gentlemen it's true I spend a lot of time on MySpace, but much of that time is spent reaching out to you my community and the people who make everyday of this campaign worth while. On the other hand how are we to trust someone who puts his web-presence in the hands of others. Will he also put the well fare of his community in the hands of others.

I'd rather not be brought in to this fray. I hope we can lift this campaign up to a higher standard and talk about the issues. I hope that someday soon me and my competitor might meet and look each other eye to eye and know that we are not fighting for ourselves but for our communities.

Thank you and god bless.

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