Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Eric: It's Retrograde Season

So astrology is not exactly something I believe in but I'm superstitious enough to believe pretty much everything. I get me the astrological DL from my very good pal Eric(he's alot like Nancy Reagan in that he believes in astrology and has had sex with someone with Alzheimer's). He told me yesterday that a Mercury Retrograde is in full effect. If you know Eric you likely know what this means. But I'd like to fool myself that people who aren't in my immediate group of friends read my blog, so here's the gist.:

A Mercury Retrograde is an astrological event that leads to mechanical failures (ie: car trouble, porn download interuptions, burning the toast, etc) as well as seeing old friends (yesterday I saw an episode of Small
Wonder it's been forever!*). It also makes you consider your past alot.It also means that anything you start will be totally different than you'd expected. There is also a movie titled "Retrograde" (see below)

*This is totally false, I'm not sure there is a network enterprising enough to play Small Wonder.

Definition: Glom

There was some controversy this Friday when I used the word "glom" in a sentence. I've taken it upon myself to define it for everybody.

glom: (verb) 1. to hold onto something for an unwaranted or what is percieved as an unwaranted period of time; 2. to assert ownership something for which you have no actual right
see also: glomming: the act of holding onto something for an unwaranted amount of time
glommed: to have held on to something for an unwaranted amount of time
"I let him use it once but he started to glom it, now I'll never let him play with my Playschool Segway ever again."