Monday, October 10, 2005

My Number 4 Choice for Democratic Presidential Candidates: Former Vice President Al Gore

Remember Al Gore speaches about the war and global warming and all that stuff? Remember when he showed his liberal stripes by endorsing Howard Dean? Remember when he grew that beard and began talking like the coolest most level headed college proffesor you could have ever wanted? Remember how he did it all without betraying his Tennesse drawl and how he carried him self in a way that was perhaps him picking up a little of Big Willy's strut? Remember him? That is my dark horse pick for the nomination. There are few people in the world who deserve it more than Al Gore.

My 4th Favorite Album of Ever All Time In History: The Clash 'London Calling'

Upon First pilfering this album from my father at the age of ten I rarely made it past the initial military stomp of "London Calling." It took me months to actually listen to the whole thing and many more months to really love it. Since then the album has come to represent something of an earlymind opener about other non-rock genres of music. Beck would end up really cleaning up any genre stereotyping with 'Odelay' but 'London Calling' loosened the reins quite a bit. Also best album cover ever!