Wednesday, March 28, 2007

2 Great Tastes, Great Together: The Simpsons and 7-Eleven

My brother pointed out a post on The Best Week Ever! blog that is sure be amongst the greatest things I've ever heard in my life.

In the comming months their may be some minor store front renovations to your local 7-11. Namely these establishments will be made over into the visage of Springfield's Kwik-E-Mart. I'm pretty much more excited about this turn of events than I've ever been for anything, ever. Mostly this is to promote the movie but to me it's much more than marketing. It's like I can live a little part of the greatest television show of all time, all the time!

My only concern is that one of my regular 7-11 locations gets the make over. (FYI 7-Eleven managers these would be the 23rd street Manhattan location and the Forest and Jewitt Staten Island location.)

In Sort of related business this week's Simpsons' opening was one of the best in memory, here it is:

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My Favourite Movies of the Decade So Far

Apropos of nothing I decided to re-assess my favourite movies of the decade. Because this is all pretty extemporaneous I may revise several times. Making lists is fun.

1) Lost in Translation
2) Borat:Cultural Learnings For To Make Benifit Glorious Nation of Kazakstan
3) 40 Year Old Virgin
4) Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
5) Children of Men
6) Talk To Her
7) Bowling For Colombine
8) The Host
9) Mean Girls
10) Amelie

To give some reasoning to this post Children of Men came out on DVD recently, I plan to buy it soon. I've also found myself hankering to go see the brilliant and still in limited release The Host again.

Other related business:
-If I had to tag a director of the decade it would end up either being Alfonso Cuaron or Pedro Almodvar, which I think in the cinematic community is uninteresting as far as opinions go.
-Where's Michael Moore been? Haven't seen him since election 2004 it seems.

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