Monday, May 08, 2006

Cruise Patrol: Tom Cruise Update, Nicole Kidman, M:I-III

"NEW YORK (AP) -- Nicole Kidman says her divorce from Tom Cruise was a "major shock" -- and, she still loves him."

Of course she still loves him! Who wouldn't? Tom Cruise = Catch!

Speaking of which Mission Impossible Three seemed to be a solid piece action movie making. I chalk this up to several things. The magnificent fast paced direction of JJ Abrams(always was a fan of Alias), the psychotic glint in Philip Seymore Hoffman's eyes, and of course Tom Cruise. Sure it's no classic. The plot is predictable at times the dialogue can get extra soppy but you're not really going to this movie expecting Citizen Kane (or Jerry Maguire). While I thought it better than the last two M:I films, the consensus from the people who came with me was that the first was superior.

What's next for Tom Cruise? A war drama directed by Michael Mann called The Few.

A Band I Love: Art Brut

Have you heard of this new band Art Brut? Of course you have you use the internet!

However for people who don't have the internet Art Brut may still sound like a new way of making fun of hipsters. They're in for a treat because Art Brut have released their may-just-be-a-classic Bang Bang Rock and Roll in America! They just released it! Like this month! The American release comes complete with three new song all of which are wonderfull. The best is "Maternity Ward." You can get them at eMusic or (if your morality is in decay) on an illegal file sharing service.

I spent Saturday afternoon the way I spend many Saturday afternoons. I worked the cash register at the local general store known as The Village Shoppe (748 Forest Ave Staten Island, NY). While there my littl brother and I rocked out in a big way while listening to Art Brut. In the perfect world old ladies and dogs would have joined in the fun. Instead it was just he and I who understood the majesty of Eddie Argos's atonal shout.

"Why don't our parents worry about us?!"

Upcoming FREE show! May 22, 8pm - Art Brut @ Sound Fix

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Talking Heads "Don't Worry About the Government"

David Byrne knows how to paint a picture. As usual on "Don't Worry About the Government" he's talking up the great aspects of modern living: the availability of loved ones, the amenaties of a modern apartment, all the civil servants who work for him. The undercurrent is paranoid and punctuated with a simple "Over then it's Over then!" All this set to the catchiest disjointed little robot R & B song with in ear shot.

Download, Listen, Discuss.