Wednesday, August 29, 2007

That New Bruce Springsteen Song

The new Bruce Springsteen song "Radio Nowhere" is good. It's about corporate radio, a cause that most people my age and lower could care less about. But Bruce thinks about these things. (Someone should point him towards New Jersey's own WFMU.) So did the Ramones, Dead Prez, and Elvis Costello once upon a time.

I sat through the up tempo song and it's very un-Bruce crunchy guitars (though they are very Brenden O'Brien) enjoying it enough, but I was dreading Clarence Clemins' sure to be out of place schmaltz sax solo. When the sax finally came in it was countered by noisy guitars and it succeeded where The Rising so often failed.

The second best part about the song? ITunes is giving it away for the week.

The first best part about the song? Ironically, it means I am already planning on staking out Q104.3 in the coming months to try and win myself some Springsteen tickets. (Lord knows I couldn't afford them outright. Bruce while you're giving shit away.)

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