Monday, April 03, 2006

Music Quarterly Report

Sports stats are in your local paper daily. Politicians poll every day even in non-election years. So why not a more regular statistical breakdown of my musical preferences. Don't you impose your arbitrary opinion on everybody who happens to stumble on to your blog, every day Tim?

The answer is... um shut up. Here are my favorite albums and singles of the first three months of the year,


6- Herbert "Something Isn't Right"
5- Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Gold Lion" Power ballads for now peopole!!!
4- Rumble Strips "Motorcycle" It's a song about a bike, with horns, like the kids are into.
3- Clipse featuring Pharrel "Mr. Me Too" Conversational rap at it's best.
2- T.I. "What You Know" Everything that made Young Jeezy so awesome only with T.I.
1- El Perro Del Mar "God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)" The Dog of the Sea teaches us all a valuable lesson about karma. My Name is Earl starring Kate Bush created by Phil Spekter.


6- Destroyer Destroyer's Rubies
5- The Knife Silent Shout The darkest pop album this side of Xiu Xiu and this one is listenable!
4- Cat Power The Greatest Speaking of listenable, I don't know if it's complimentary but Chan is just so easy to listen to.
3- Belle & Sebastian The Life Pursuit Where in the Scots proove themselves a superior indie-pop band to The Smiths.
2- Boris Pink Metal, Art Rock, Japan. Yes!
1- Ghostface Killah Fishscale Me and Ghostface are bullet proof brothers.

OMG! Jesus Is On My Space!

The evangelicals have invaded the My Space. I have some quams with the page, not the fact that an evangelical christian made a Jesus My space page*. Would JC really put up a bunch of pictures of himself dying on the cross, hasn't Jesus ever gone bowling or worn a silly hat? Would Jesus use The Layout Pimper to design his page?

*If the supporting cast of Sifle and Ollie are allowed everyone should be.

Thanks for the bulletin Bazooka!

The Selsun Blues

My usual shampoo was not present in my shower this morning.I had to make do with Selsun Blue which seems to have left my hair stanking. Not stanking really, perhaps just not pleasant smelling. I think it's the lack of fragrant additives. I love additives.

Office Promos!!!

If you saw the stupendous episode of The Office last week, (I talk about this show almost as much as I talk about the Fiery Furnaces and Boris put together!) you probably saw the hilarious promos done in the classic NBC public service announcement style.

NBC is happy to give these video clips out on the internet! For Free! Thanks NBC!!!!

Here they are!

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Destroyer "Eurpopean Oils"

There is a moment on this song, it might be in what you would call a pre-chorus. (I think it's too early to call it a bridge.) There it is though. The selling point of the whole Destroyer's Rubies thing for me. Dan Bejar in his theatrical speak singing way twists his words around and sets us up:

"When I'm at war I insist on a slaughter and getting it on with
the hangman's daughter.
She needs release.
She needs to feel at peace with her father,"

wait for it...

"THE FUCKING MANIAC..." guitar solo.

Download, Listen, Discuss.


Ties are great. I honestly believe that. I also think hats are great but I don't wear hats. They simply don't work for me. Society would have thought me a disruptive force at some point in history. Folks who didn't wear hats were worse than communists. (Even they had those fuzzy hats.) I probably would have relented and worn an awkward hat.

I don't wear ties. I've relented to do so for temp work. (somebody hire me! to do something! anything! my email is Problem is I've spent the last few months riding on the same tie. I haven't undone the tie to avoid having to re-tie. I can't retie. I'm simply unqualified to do so. I'm all ham fisted about the process.

Thank god I could google and find this strikingly impressive site! Thanks Casper!