Monday, January 30, 2006

Kenny Boy Looking A Touch Ill

I suppose being assumed guilty of one of the biggest fiscal debakles* in history is not sitting well with the ashen faced Ken Lay.

Perhaps they should let this guy off. Haven't we embarassed him enough. Have a heart.


You Are Being Marketed To, These People Are Clever!

Gothamist pointed out a very interesting new promotion from the people at Fresh Direct.

Here's the article.

It turns out the forces of capitalism and commercialization have now staked a claim on the anti-Valentine's Day set. That's right your anger is being marketed towards.I suppose in a few decades people will complain about how hating Valentine's Day is just a sceme perpetuated by the media/government/hoy paloy to get you to buy unhealthy food products. I'm getting the jump on those Johnny come lately haters.

Broken Social Scene, Friday

Saw Broken Social Scene Friday, Bowie and Eric joined. The show was good though it had it's troubles (garish lighting, long windedness, an overtly hippie vibe). Either way the always informative and regularly updated Brooklyn Vegan has some awesome pics, this one was my fav.

Google'ing Your Name, Fun!

I googled my name in quotations (ie: "Tim Duffy") and I found the real life me on page 10 of the search TWICE! Yet not for this Blog.

I show up again at page 22. Again no sign of this blog.

Also when you hit the 22nd page of a google search that is sure to acomplish nothing you're bound to feel crazy. I have too much time on my hands.