Friday, August 19, 2005

Note to Pitchfork: What's All This Then?!

After a Month of Leaving us hanging with no "Best New Music" enteries, Pitchfork has decided to change there recommendation format. They've split it in two. This is a bit of a mess. Didn't this format (not exact of course) already fail guys? Didn't people revolt? Are you prepaired for that again? As a Best New Music Loyalist generally impressed with pitchfork's recomendations this seems to be a bit over kill. People have student loans to pay off!!

The Number: 402 572 7581

So a couple weeks ago I wrote a post. Nothing on my blog has recieved more responses because apparently I'm one of the few references for this number. I'm kind of freaked out a smidge by all this stuff. What exactly is this number all about? What the hell?