Thursday, April 20, 2006

These Are The Dave's I Know I Know...

David "Bowie" Northmore was born in 1984 on April 20th. His interests include boating, plains, urban planning, the films of Wes Anderson, and politics. His favorite television programs are The Daily Show and the British The Office. Some of his favorite music is Magnetic Fields, Radiohead, Madvillain, and Yo La Tengo. He is 5' 9 and has two siblings.

He's single (nudge nudge ladies). He has a dapper sense of dress and it's his brithday. Check him out!

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Yo La Tengo "We're An American Band"

You'd think as far as song titles go "We're An American Band" would be too specific to have other songs share it's name. It was also a remarkably popular song that Yo La Tengo have covered. But the two songs could hardly be more different. Yo La Tengo's song is a noisy shoegazy ballad that seems to drone and flicker on into infinity, the other is a barnstorming rocker about groupies and partying.

Download, Listen, Discuss.