Thursday, February 09, 2006

This Just In: Your Government Isn't A Total Failure

President Bush has shielded himself and his embattled party from any and all criticism of it's handling of security issues. Apparently they stopped a terrorist attack a few years back. Wow. We better have a press conference 3 plus years after the fact. Let people know the news.

Thank god we know now and can begin making preperations for the ticker tape parade that the GOP deserves. Those lousy Democrats haven't foiled any recent terrorist attacks last I checked.

Look how not bombed this building is!!!!!! Election season hath begun!!!!

I Think They Should Just Book Will Oldham

Do you look like this ?

Then perhaps you're perfect for Queer Eye for Indie Rock guys!!!!! Found this on Brooklyn Rock.

"Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is looking for ROCKERS.

If you or someone you know is a rocker who needs some cleaning up… EMAIL QUEER EYE TODAY!

We are currently looking for the following people…
A ROCKER who needs help getting ready for a major event in his life (i.e. wedding, high school reunion, family reunion)
A ROCKER who has an extreme occupation ( i.e. bounty hunter, stunt man, timber cutter, news anchor, weatherman, etc…)
A ROCKER who is a widower - ready to date again
A Rock n’ Roll Couple
A Rock n’ Roll Couple that is having a baby or wanting to adopt a child
A Rock n’ Roll Dad who needs to get cleaned up for a new job

When applying please keep in mind:
This is the chance of a lifetime.
You MUST live in the New York City Metropolitan area
You MUST be a straight male between the ages of 25-40
You MUST have an outgoing and dynamic personality

If you or someone you know is great guy with charisma please send photos and reasons why we should choose you / him to: Please include Brooklyn Rock in the subject line."

I love over use of the word "ROCKER!"

Good luck getting people to tame their facial hair guys.