Friday, January 25, 2008


It appears in a few months all us tax payers will be getting $600 to help stimulate the economy. Enjoy it, everyone likes free money. I'm putting mine in the bank. A swiss bank maybe.

Anyway, of all people Mike Huckabee(who in many ways is as bad as all the rest of the republicans) had a great point about how silly this policy is. He also has a great bit about the infrastructure of the country, something we should be considering more(remember the bridge collapse last summer?!).

(From CNN) "One of the concerns that I have is that we'll probably end up borrowing this $150 billion from the Chinese," he said. "And when we get those rebate checks, most people are going to go out and buy stuff that's been imported from China. I have to wonder whose economy is going to be stimulated the most by the package. "

The former Arkansas governor then proposed a major public works project as an alternative to the stimulus package.

"If we are going to spend a $150 billion, I'd like to suggest we add two lanes of highway from Bangor all the way to Miami on I-95," he said. "A third of the U.S. population lives within a hundred miles of that. This nation's infrastructure is falling apart, and if we built those lanes of highway, with American labor, American steal, American concrete, I believe it would do more to stimulate the economy. "

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