Thursday, April 19, 2007

Poor Alberto Gonzalez

It sounds like Chuck Schumer is going to make him cry.

My Life Has Lacked Falsetto

New D'Angelo has leaked. What may be the first burblings of the follow up to the R&B album od the decade (2000's Voodoo) have apparently been making the rounds on Ye Olde Interweb. It's a good song, sadly D'Angelo is now comming up on My Bloody Valentine/Chinese Democracy style anticipation. Perhaps that is why ?uestlove ("didn't hear it from me") leaked this track. It's not great but it's certainly good, and it's for sure worth more than a handfull of listens. It might serve to lighten up expectations for an album that to my knowledge has no schedule of release.

Anywhoo Listen up! I got it from the idolator.

Oh and in case you didn't know Mr. D'Angelo is a bit more rugged than you might remember him.

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