Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Human Giant is Comming THURSDAY!!!; Jacqueline Novak-Rising Star?

Add to My Profile I'm so very excited about this show. I remember when Aziz Ansari was just some guy Nate talked about. He's all grown up now. I'm misty eyed.

Speaking of highlighting young comedy talent. The Apiary seems to have scored another winner. Last week they posted the below My Space video of Jacqueline Novak. Nate has developed a good record of endorsements. Though he did also endorse Jest Magazine, no one's perfect.

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The Best Rap of the Year?

Could the best rap song of the year be an advertisement for Turbo-Tax? Probably not, but this is pretty awesome anyway. It's a two minute YouTube video, you've got two minutes. And vote for it! It's for a contest, these guys did Shaolin proud though.