Friday, November 04, 2005

Top 5 Albums To Not Sleep On This Year

Okkervil River 'The Black Sheep Boy': Epic rock album making at it's finest. Fantastic and dynamic, sad bastard music for people who hate sad bastard music and also for people who like sad bastard music.

Jamie Lidell 'Multiply': for a while I felt like it was a shame that the best R&B album since 'Voodoo' was from a white british lap top enthusiast. Now I've reached acceptance and think this album could take it's place next to 'Dusty in Memphis.'

Rosebuds 'Birds Make Good Neighbors': Poppy but never obvious. Plus it has the Yo La Tengo tone in that it's a couple of love birds airing their grievances publicly.

Tom Vek 'We Have Sound': I've declared dance punk dead about 5 times in the past two years. I'm gonna shut the hell up now.

Skeletons & the Girl Faced Boy "git": I really can't say anything other than, what the hell?!