Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Just found out Scotty was 85. He had a good run. No hard feelings.

"Beem Me Up Scotty.... Um, Scotty Ya There Buddy?!"

James Doohan television's Scotty has died. I'm actully quite surprised it took this long. Still it's an incredibly sad day for nerds and scottish folks alike. Scotty is best remembered for the phrase "Beam me up Scotty," ya see he worked the transporter on he Star ship Enterprize. He was also the first Scottish person to appear on TV without being confused as an irish man (mostly do to his name). These contributions to society are impressive but not as impressive as Lt. Uhara who was the first Black woman many American whites ever masturbated to. RIP James Doohan.

Anutter Nutter!!! The Right Stuff?

I'm glad my expectations were low. But seriously it's one thing to nominate crazy people for possitions of power, but look at this crazy mother fucker's eyes. And this is him on national effing television, imagine how batty he must look when the cameras aren't rolling. Well the next few months should be crazy kinds of interesting. The Democrat's biggest hurtle (besides their inner-divisions and being weak kneed) is going to be proving this man crazy. He has a very short paper trail and so it may become troubling to "get him."

In not really related news Rupert Murdoch just purchased My Space for like several billion dollars. I hope everyone's first friend Tom is really happy with himself and his barrels of money.