Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Why is Bill Clinton Smilling?

He's considering an offer that is pretty sweet. Go for it Bill!!!!!

Stella + Daily Show = Best Hour of TV around

Tuesdays are summer's best television nights. Come November after baseball season is over the best hour on television is 8-9pm Sundays on Fox. The one two punch of The Simpsons and Arrested Developement is simply the best hour block of TV shows I can fathom. But it's summer and to be honest I'm not even sure if Fox is aiiring repeats of Arrested Developement. That's ok their's another hour of television brilliance. Tuesdays 10:30 to 11:30 on Comedy Centeral. Stella has emerged as a rather devisive show, with one NY Times critic going so far as to quote a friend “I watched that thing as if my face was palsied, that’s how not laughing I was.” Well I stand in an aposing category. I believe the show is the most original piece of TV comedy in years. I also think that those guys are the employees of the month in the cackle factory. And then there is The Daily Show, my rock. If there was a show that I would hope to cradle me to sleep softly it would be The Daily Show (this weeks high light was Monday's wonderfully probing interview of Rick Santorum). TV is great when it wants to be!

2 Observations about Public Transportation, and One About My Dad

1) The s98 Limited bus was stopped at a traffic light on Bard and Forest. Upon seeing this a man picked up his pace about 3% and knocked on the door. He was let on. While this seems entirely logical I resented him for it. As someone who has ran for and not been let on a conservative estimation of 427 buses I felt that catching a bus after it's initial stop should be made more difficult.

2) Kudos should go to Megan Grey whom I was trying to meet on the 6:45 boat last night. These Kudos are a result of my discovering that on the mid period Staten Island Ferry boats the lowest level is actually the coolest level on the boat. I went down to that level to look for Miss Grey as I know she tends to prefer it. I've had trouble rationalising using the lower level since the fact that I was sitting on the upper level during the infamous crash a few years back, saved me any and all unpleasantness.

D1) Upon walking out of the shower this morning I discovered my father wolfing down Cocoa Pebbles straight from the box with an intensity of a high school Greatful Dead fan. I could chalk this up to his recent shifts in eating habits (brought on by intestinal unpleasantness) or it could just be that Cocoa Pebbles are the 'ish. Either way it serves to reasert the fact that my Dad is one of the top 5 most interesting people I've ever met.