Monday, March 05, 2007

Dearest Village Voice, With Regaurds To Your Siren Festivities

Hey Village Voice, how ya been?

Another year, another Bob Dylan album on top of your year end list. It's been a while since I complimented you on your astute taste in bands, in fact I don't know that I ever have. I'm not being coy you do deserve a little smoke blown into your exit hole. You put the Hold Steady on your cover two years ago convincing me to give em a chance even though I'd written off Almost Killed Me, thanks. You also aren't afraid to lavish "urban" albums with year end top honors (Stankonia in 2000 and Kanye twice!), not bad for a paper with a (apparently/possibly) dubious racial hiring rep.

Anywhoo, I'm not here to talk editorial. I'm here to talk PR. Particularly your always pleasant Siren Festival. Last year's headliners on both stage were lacking. Stars are okay but really are they the best you could muster, you weren't even competeing with Pitchfork for acts. And the Scissor Sissters?! Well the collective blog lashing has already told you about that mistake. Heres' a hint for this year, a certain well regaurded indie mainstay has shown an interest recently in playing some shows:
Do whatcha gotta do fellows, it'll win you a lot of love from locals.

Also how about the Hold Steady? Why should the headliner so often be an out of towner? We've got some semi-home grown gems don't we? It is New York for christ sake. The Wrens might be on the cusp of having some new material if they're to be believed, give them a jingle. Lavender Diamond seem poised for some sort of break through. There's lots of other bands I could spout, but over the next few months they'll change at least a dozen times. Remember though, just cause they're on a major doesn't mean they are major and Canada might be the new Brooklyn but Sweden is already the new Canada. I'm expecting a good show guys, call me if you need anything. (Like a back rub during those Dismemberment Plan negotiations.)

A Fan

PS: Part of my writing this was to repost that already over posted but still very pleasant to look at show poster.