Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My Number 3 Choice for Democratic Presidential Candidates: Senator Barak Obama

Barak Obama has been many people's choice for the Presidential nomination seemingly from the word go. Over the past month he has carried himself perfectly as the only African American member of the senate, the events of Hurricane Katrina-particularly the way they shine a light on race and poverty-have fallen very much on him to address. He's done so without resorting to petty complaints and without "selling out." Obama seems duplicious and judging from his eloquent key note address at the DNC convention last year he could address the religious element of the country in a way few Democrats seem prepared to. Also he introfuced Wilco at Farm Aid this year and that is so bad ass.

My 3rd Favorite Album of Ever All Time In History: Jay Z 'Blueprint'

The Jay Z bug bit me sometime around Hard Knock Life. It was easy to see at that point Jay Z was not as angry as most rappers. He didn't rale against gays or women, not maliciously at least. He was a man content after a life full of strugle. 'Blueprint' is the living embodyment of everything that made Jay Z likable. It's the swagger and the smarts in equal meassure. This perfect mixture makes for a great album but personal connection makes for a favorite album and on this album I feel a personal connection in nearly everytrack. It's an album equally suited to solitary headphone listens and floor shaking big sub-woofer blasting parties. Plus it sounds HUGE! Everywhere and in every way.