Friday, October 21, 2005

A Democratic Hail Mary

Fernando Ferrer pulled out the big gun yesterday in his fight to have some sort of relevance in the upcoming New York Mayoral Mauling. Bill Clinton came and stood behind Ferrer hoping to pass along some of his glow. It seems like Ferrer is a Clinton fan boy in this picture.

Arrested Developement vs. Everybody Hates Chris

What a difference UPN makes. Everybody Hates Chris is easily my favorite new show of the TV season. It's infact my favorite show since Arrested Development. Alas, Arrested Development is a better show. No dig on Chris of course as AD is the most consistently funny thing on TV these days (possible excepetion of course The Daily Show, Conan and that lady who talks about Sex on the WE channel).

It's peculiar that Chris's numbers are being treated as a windfall they are actually only 2 million viewers better than AD's and we all know how in tenuously AD has held on. Perhaps AD belongs on the UPN? It would give better returns on Everybody Hates Chris's lead in than the awful sitcom that follows it currently and it could perhaps stay on the air handily.