Tuesday, December 09, 2008

10 Things I Will Not Evaluate Before Year End List Season

This is my first public list of the season. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

10. Kanye West '808s and Heartbreak' - Kanye regularly appears on my year end lists and this album is controversial. From the sound of things I'm a fan, too bad it won't be making any year end lists.

9. The Wire - I never watched The Sopranos either.

8. Iron Man - My favorite comic book super hero makes a movie with the always entertaining Robert Downey Jr. Where was I?

7. Gossip Girl - OMG! I've seen an episode of this and I have a sense I'd like it, in that Degrassi kind of way. It's gotta be better than Heroes.

6. The performances of Kate Winslet. I cannot imagine myself seeing one of the two incredibly stark movies Kate Winslet is in right now.

5. Slumdog Millionare - This movie sounds so charming. Too bad with a recession and the holidays I will be so apprehensive to see a movie that it will have to wait.

4. The Wrestler - This comes out on Christmas. The window between boxing day and New Year's is so small.

3. Deerhunter 'Weird Era Cont.' - I love Deerhunter, for some reason though Emusic my legal music resource only has the first of the two album set.

2. Jazz, Theater, most fine art, Literature - If it wasn't for low-brow I wouldn't have no brow.

1. The Dark Night - Anyone heard anything about that new Batman movie? It looks like it could be good.

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