Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Funerals Bring Together All Sorts of People

RIP MLK's wife.

Badminton Stamps

If you'll notice I changed the link to the YYY's song below. Badminton Stamps posted the mp3 and scolded me for direct linking to it.

I ain't no thief! Also the seem to run a pretty snazzy site over there. Check it!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Gold Lion"

"Gold Lion"

This song is pretty amazing. After first hearing Diplo's fast paced rackety remix this song might come as a shock. It's a classic pop tune with a coating clever production.

I was nervous with all the talk of acoustics and Karen O's squeeky clean colaboration that Nick Zinner wouldn't do any of what David Sitek(TV on the Radio) once refered to as "crazy Nick Zinner shit." This song suggests there is some crazy harmonic noise layers to be had. The song also suggests Karen O has moved away from her shreaky-er vocals. All signs read possitive from where I sit.

Where's the album leak!?!?!