Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Who The Hell Are These People?

As a deeply partisan New York Democrat I've been wondering (as I'm sure many of you are), who the hell are these people?! They are your New York City Mayoral Candidates 2005!!!!!!!!! (in ALPHABETICAL ORDER!!!, my personal favorite order)

Fernando Ferrer is perpetually running for mayor. Which for those of you who are a little slow means he is also perpetually losing his runs for mayor. He is your basic local democrat with a mustache and a well defined ethnic image.

Speaking of well defined ethnic image C. Virginia Fields is the Manhattan burrough President. Which means that 4 out of five burroughes are not particularly interested in her at all. When you consider what a burrough president really does (nothing) it's hard to indorce the seemingly very nice Miss Fields, but that didn't stop Al Sharpton from doing just that.

Gifford Miller is the white bread City Council member who has spent the last few years agreeing with Mike Bloomberg all the time (as many democrats myself included have). They parted ways on the Westside Staium but since Miller lready won that he doesn't have much going for him. Accept his being white. Thankfully this is New York so being white can only take you so far.

I hope Anthony Weiner doesn't hold it against New York. He seems to be the best candidate but the fact is though no one wants to live in a city with Mayor Weiner. Oh sure he's got the support of Chuck Schumer but Schummer hasn't exactly come out screaming for Weiner. No, our fine Senator has been reluctant to get to public about how much he aproves of Weiner. (God I'm like a four year old)