Thursday, April 12, 2007

Might I Suggest: White Hills

Hey you!

Like your rock gauzey and stoned? Of course you do!

White Hills may reside in the concrete jungles of New York but they sound like they were born somewhere far from civilization. It sounds like the music the Manson family might have eventually made if they were influenced by Sonic Youth and didn't take up murder.

Their self released album Glitter Glamour Atrocity, is pretty much the best psych-rock of the year and in some ways is the best no-wave as well. The seamless sound that White Hills have melded together is built on a foundation of tape hiss and slow tempos, not to mention far away drowned out guitar tones and eliments of sound collage.

The album might apeal to fans of Deerhunter if they're willing to give up the jangle and the driving bass lines. It might appeal to fans of ambient music if they're willing to tollerate some classic rock tropes. But mostly we know that music does nto split down lines of these fans or those fans. This is music for people who like fringey music.

If you're reading this blog that must be you.

It's retailing for under ten bucks at Kim's. Someone give these cats a record deal. Listen to Sound clips and order the CD at their MySpace page.

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...Should have height requirments, I shouldn't have to dodge metal points aimed at my eyes.

Sorry shorty get your taller friend to carry it over your head.

Watch Randy Newman play "Short People."

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I'm DJing at Cargo

This week I'll be doing some DJing at Cargo. Indie stuff, hip-hop, left field pop-hits, left field non-hits, all that stuff. Come down, cheap drink options, good people, the cultural event of the week on SI.

Cargo Cafe
120 Bay Street
Staten Island, NY

(Click the link for a map)
It's right by the Ferry!!